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Online via Zoom

Course Faculty

Tim Cunnane

Katrina Ferguson



Next Cohort

May - November 2022

This 6-month cohort program is the natural continuation of AACP Level 1. In this program you will not only learn more about the theory and practices that underlay Agile Coaching, you will focus this knowledge on the actual issues you are facing in your day-to-day work.

Level 2 of the Advanced Agile Coaching Program is for Agile Coaches who have completed AACP Level 1 and are deeply committed to advancing their knowledge, skills, and competency in their work. 

How much time will I need to invest?

With a focus on building Agile Coaching competence, our learning is conducted via the familiar structure of sprints. These rapid iterations will allow you to observe, analyze, and iterate on the knowledge and skills you are developing throughout the program. Over the course of 10 sprints, you will explore various methods, models, theories, and practices that will help you define and enact the impact you want to have through your Agile coaching. 

  • We will meet as a group for faculty-led learning once every sprint for 3 hours.

  • You will meet with your Pod once every sprint, for approximately 1-2 hours.

  • Much of your practice will be part of your regular job - this is how you will do most of your learning!

The typical time commitment is ~4-8 hours per week during the duration of the course. The bulk of these hours will be spent practicing what you are learning in your day-to-day job and life. The remaining time is spent participating in the online sessions, practicing with your pod, and studying materials. The biggest addition, and difference from the first level, is the case study.

What does it cost?

The tuition for Level 2 is $3,000 USD. This fee includes tuition for the course (10 sprints) plus two 50-minute coaching sessions with course faculty to support integration and application. Additional coaching sessions with faculty are available for an additional fee. Contact your course faculty directly if you are interested.

Who teaches this course?

The teachers for all courses will be Katrina Ferguson & Tim Cunnane, the creators of TBDAgile. 

Katrina began her journey into Agile as a Project Manager in a failing product, in 2010. Agile was brought in to save the day, and Kat was hooked within hours of beginning her CSM training. She went on to train several hundred people in that organization before moving on to the Agile consulting world. She became known as a go-to person for large transformations, and worked with teams at a number of top ten Fortune 100 companies. In 2015, Katrina studied Integral Coaching and is now an ICF certified coach. She has spent 6 years studying Systemic Coaching and Constellations, and is 7 years into a 10 year unfoldment practice program with Aletheia Academy. Katrina is a trained facilitator with practice facilitating groups of several to hundreds. Katrina spent 4 years teaching with Agile Coaching Institute, where she taught many hundreds of people around the world, and was the lead faculty and instructional designer for several years. Kat’s background is diverse, and as well as the teaching and Agile experience mentioned, includes years in deregulated electricity, a successful startup that created a new industry, 2 university degrees, 25 years as a glass artist, and 30+ years as a single parent. Katrina is coach to many Agile Coaches.

Tim has been an Agile Coach & Consultant since 2010. He has led numerous large-scale transformations in organizations ranging from small startups to Fortune 100 enterprises. In addition to his work as an Agile Coach, Tim is an ICF certified coach, a trained facilitator, and has held the positions of senior faculty member and instructional designer at the Agile Coaching Institute. Prior to his roles in the agile space, Tim has been a touring musician, manager for the largest college bookstore in the United States, and a race car driver all before turning 21. Since then, he has had his music compositions featured at numerous new music festivals, helped create the first technology focused senior center in the world, and co-created a remote learning curriculum for AARP to reduce social isolation in low-income older adult populations. He is a certified Integral Coach and serves as a coach to many coaches and leaders.


Together, they launched TBDAgile in 2020 as a platform for offering their developmental methodology and practices to Agile Coaches.

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