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To hear more about my coaching methodology, discuss what you are looking for, and get answers to any questions you may have, contact us to schedule a free introductory call. 

Tim Cunnane

I serve my clients through four focus areas: Coaching, Facilitation, Teaching, and Consulting. By leveraging these four distinct yet complementary competencies, my goal is to evoke the excellence that already exists in you and your organization. My aim is to help you build the capabilities that will enable you to explore issues and find creative solutions long after our work together has ended. 


First and foremost, I consider myself a coach. My coaching methodology, Integral Coaching, focuses on not only the issues you are facing, but also the deeper ecosystem of your life. My goal is to open up insights and possibilities rather than solving a specific problem. In our coaching conversations, we will draw from numerous areas of your life; cognitive, emotional, relational, spiritual, somatic, and integrative. These focus areas will be explored in service of developing both competence and fulfillment in all areas of your life. 


Along with coaching, I believe that good facilitation has the ability to solve many sources of conflict in our interactions. My approach to facilitation emphasizes a balance of results, relationship, and process. I know from experience that all three of these elements are crucial in ensuring groups are able to reach the desired purpose and outcomes in their meetings. As a facilitator, I provide a structure that allows for the meeting participants to be solely focused on the content of the session. 

In addition to my coaching and facilitation work, I am also a Senior Faculty Member of the Agile Coaching Institute. In this role, I have led dozens of workshops around the world and taught thousands of students in the areas of Agile Leadership, Coaching and Facilitation. My role as teacher has been a rich source for my own development and growth. I have found that leveraging my teaching practice in other areas of my work has been a huge benefit to myself and my clients. 


Finally, as a consultant, my focus is on helping organizations deal with the increasing complexity they are currently swimming in. This takes the form of organizational and leadership development, executive coaching, training, and bringing in the processes of business agility to help with product planning and development in an ever-changing world. I have brought these practices to a wide variety of groups ranging from Global 2000 and Fortune 50 organizations, to burgeoning startup and nonprofit organizations. 

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