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To hear more about my coaching methodology, discuss what you are looking for, and get answers to any questions you may have, contact us to schedule a free introductory call. 

Katrina Ferguson

I have a deep and varied collection of experience and training that contribute to how I show up with my clients and students. In addition to my dozen years in Agile, across many industries, I have worked in Oil & Gas and Deregulated Electricity, working in start-ups through top 10 Fortune 100 companies. I’ve delivered year-long Leadership trainings, and coached and taught hundreds (and hundreds!) of Agile Coaches and ScrumMasters, as well as Managers and leaders. I’ve worked and travelled around the globe. I’ve had 35 years of experience of being a woman in male-dominated industries. 


I have a tenuous relationship with certifications, and don’t like to collect them or lay them out. So my training sometimes comes with them, and often doesn’t. To give you a flavour of what I’m about, I’ll share some of my learning experiences. In addition to my two formal education degrees, I am a certified professional coach (ICF) and Integral Ccoach (NVW). I have studied Systemic Coaching and Constellations for the last 5 years, culminating in a 2.5 year master practitioner training program, with John Whittington. I was part of the first ICAgile-certified Enterprise Coaching Cohort in 2014, completing that journey in 2015. I created and delivered the first ICAgile-certified Agile Leadership course. I’ve been in the practice of my own unfoldment with Aletheia Academy, under the deep and astounding guidance of Steve March, where we in year 5 of our 10-year path, and where I’ve learned and practiced Parts work, Bodynamics, Dreamwork, Focusing, countless forms of meditation, and so much more. I’m also a trained conflict mediator, I’ve studied the enneagram, I’m certified in Leadership Circle Profile. I read Heidegger, Goethe, Gurdjieff, Garvey-Berger and Wheatley, to name a few. I have many of the Agile certs, or at least the ones that made sense and were available in my earlier journey, and I’m a certified instructor for several ICAgile certifications. I spent 4 years as senior faculty with the Agile Coaching Institute, where I banged my knees and learned a lot, and discovered one of my true gifts (teaching). But most of all, I am a human being and have done my very best to jump into life with both feet, even when I didn’t know what was under the water, and then risen to the surface and stayed afloat.


From facilitating high-stakes boardroom conversations to being a glass artist to being a single parent to my amazing daughter for 30 years, along with all I have studied on the road between my Bachelor of Science and my hard-earned-in-the-evenings-MBA to my studies and practice in Constellations to my artistic endeavours and home building, I bring all of my learning into what I do. I am a synthesizer and an integrator, along with being a passionate life-long learner. I love making connections and providing translation matrices for others to make their own discoveries. I believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to our global unfoldment, and I’ve always been a flag-bearer for the underdog. Underneath it all, I believe we are all connected. I care deeply about the world, and the people in it. 

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