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The Language of the Field

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“Words are events. They do things, change things. They feed energy, understanding and emotion back and forth and amplify it.”

Ursula K Le Guin

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Who is this for?

Fundamentals Part III is for those who have completed our Part I and Part II trainings and who would like to develop greater fluency with the resonant language that’s central to systemic coaching and constellations. Deepening a connection to the field of language found in systems enables coaches to work at depth and speed with their clients, whether individuals, teams or groups.


What is included?

In Part III the group explores the number of different ways that language is used in coaching and the particular way it is used in this ‘applied philosophy’, systemic coaching.


The training then moves on to teaching and practice of the use of resonant systemic questions and sentences, exploring their sources, origin, structure and benefits.


The use of language that catalyses lasting embodied change in leadership and professional development is the difference that makes the difference in this approach. The group explores the impact of personal, organizational and systemic conscience and the loyalties, emotions and language that emerge from each.


There are opportunities for participants to facilitate constellations in pairs or small groups. By facilitating constellations in this way you will be able to understand, integrate and use the language in your coaching.


Following the initial two days of training, there are two half-day sessions. The first is a self-managed peer-practice session with another member of the group (arranged in individual pairs), and the second is half a day back in the whole group with the trainer. 


Fundamentals Part III participants are invited to read a substantial part of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending with a particular focus on the resonant language and the ‘secret sentences’ section.


What does it cost to attend this Fundamentals Part III?

The fee for this training is $1,550 USD​


Continuing Professional Development

Participating in this three-day training will provide each participant with a Certificate for ‘The Language of the Field’ (Fundamentals Part III), together with 18 hours of ICF accredited (CCEUs) professional development, split 11 hours ‘core’ and 7 hours ‘resource development’.

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