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The Intelligence of the Field

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“This truly exceeded my expectations and expanded my own approach to coaching and training. It transformed my way of thinking and now I can support my clients in a completely new way!”

Marina Ibrahim, Leadership & Team Coach

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Who is this training designed for?

Fundamentals Part II is for those who have completed our Part I training and who are ready to broaden their understanding, deepen their systemic stance and extend their application with individuals, teams and groups in a wider number of contexts.


What is included?

The Fundamentals Part II training explores the rules of belonging in systems and how those rules are in turn influenced by the larger systemic organizing forces. Participants deepen their understanding of the stance, principles and practice of systemic coaching and develop their application in one-to-one, team and group settings.

The curriculum includes:

  • Connection with our own system intelligence: head, heart and gut

  • The unwritten rules of belonging in organizational systems and the intelligence of the wider field

  • Practice in one-to-one coaching and exercises to use with teams

  • Insights into personal and systemic conscience, boundaries and the hidden loyalties that emerge from these


The training offers a journey into the application of this applied philosophy and has proved to be a turning point for many coaches as they learn to hone their systemic awareness and then embody and apply the principles and practices underpinning this profound and yet very practical methodology.

Fundamentals Part II is for coaches, facilitators and organizational consultants who have completed the Fundamentals Part I training. Participants are required to read at least the first two and last two chapters of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending.

This Fundamentals Part II training awards 18 hours CPD, ICF CCEUs 



Fundamentals Part II participants are invited to read a substantial part of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending as this enhances the understanding of the methodology and ability to apply it in practice.


What does it cost to attend this Fundamentals Part II?

The fee for this training is $1,850 USD

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