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Our Facilitation


Our approach to facilitation emphasizes a balance of results, relationship, and process. We know from experience that all three of these elements are crucial in ensuring groups are able to reach the desired purpose and outcomes in their meetings. As facilitators, we provide a structure that allows for the meeting participants to be solely focused on the content of the session. Key to our success is our practice of co-facilitation.

We believe effective meetings are a key element in building successful organizations. Without good facilitation, however, effective meetings are impossible. By working as a facilitation team, we have a greater ability to model, create, and sustain a collaborative and participatory environment. The more participation in a meeting, the greater the shared understanding, and the more information you have to make informed decisions moving forward. This thorough facilitation process allows for success not only in this meeting, but those that will follow. We appreciate the importance of this work and take on that responsibility with deep commitment.

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