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“Read the book, but nothing can prepare you for the magic and power of constellations until you have experienced them first hand. This training opened a door to a whole new dimension of coaching that adds incredible depth to my practice as a coach.”


Noel Warnell, ICAgile and team Coach



Why Systemic Coaching?


We live and work in unconscious reference to multiple relationship systems – our cultural, professional, organizational and family relationship systems. Each creates its own loyalties and different experiences of belonging. All these systems are sustained by naturally occurring organizing principles. These principles are seen time and again and experienced as balancing forces that move all human relationship systems towards wholeness and balance. When the organizing forces are ignored or violated the system attempts to re-balance itself. This causes the limiting dynamics which have such a powerful impact on life and life at work.


The attempt to re-balance in alignment with the natural forces creates dynamics within and in-between systems. Awareness of the systems we come from and belong to together with insights into the impact those relationship systems have on our clients opens up new horizons for coaches and coaching interventions. When you hold the wider system in view and apply a methodology for respectfully bringing the dynamics to life – systemic coaching with constellations – you are working at a level that’s beyond the individual and beyond the visible. Organization and relationship system coaching of this nature illuminates, clarifies and resolves complex issues restoring balance and health to leadership, team and organizational systems.

Systemic coaching gives priority to the system. Constellations illuminate the hidden architecture of relationship systems. Combined they offer unique benefits.

About the Training

This training is different to many other trainings that attract coaches and those interested in organizational development. The key differences include:

  • It’s systemic. The training experience is designed to leave participants with fresh information about the way that relationship systems work and the impact of certain events and dynamics in them on those who are trying to manage, follow or lead. This is informed by a particular stance, an understanding of the organizing principles of systems and the methodology of constellations.

  • It’s an experiential, somatic (of the body) training.  Learning is through standing in constellations, taking part in systemic exercises and facilitated discussion. This requires a willingness to learn something in a less usual way and to access embodied knowledge, to ‘de-throne the rational mind.’

  • It’s personal and heartfelt. To really understand system dynamics you have to look at your own – both personal and professional. This often results in looking, respectfully, at personal and family systems  – through constellations and teaching – and as a result the learning is deep and lasting. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” as Aristotle said.

About the Faculty

John Whittington, is the founder of Coaching Constellations Ltd., has been teaching workshops since 2009. He leads the teaching team worldwide. 


Katrina Ferguson has trained with John since 2014, and completed the ‘Path to Mastery’ in September 2019.  Katrina, through Northwest Integral, offers the only US-based Coaching Constellations Ltd. workshops.

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